The Thrill and Glorious History of Arlington Park Race Track


The Arlington Park Race Track lies at the heart of the American horse racing scene. Its prestigious history and pristine tracks have become emblematic of the sport itself, making it a name synonymous with horse racing excellence and perseverance. Let us delve into the fascinating history, trivia, and alluring attributes of this celebrated institution.

Chapter 1: The Historical Pierces

Established in the early 1900s, the Arlington Park Race Track has a history steeped in equestrian heritage. Since its inception, it has played host to some of the most storied races in the annals of the sport. Generations have been thrilled by the speed and skill on display here, making it not just a sporting venue, but a cultural institution of enduring significance.

Chapter 2: Track Specifications

The Arlington Park Race Track caters to a range of equestrian events. From thoroughbred races to harness racing, the track’s flexible layout and well-maintained surface make it a preferred venue for various racing formats.

Chapter 3: The Iconic Races

Home to the renowned Arlington Million Race, the track has accommodated some of the top horses and jockeys globally. This race is regarded as a tune-up for the illustrious Breeders Cup, a testament to the quality of events and competition one can expect.

Chapter 4: Monumental Moments

Over the decades, the Arlington Park Race Track saw captivating victories, heart-wrenching losses, and titanic battles between equine champions. From Man o’ War’s victories to Secretariat’s triumphant display of raw power, the tracks have been a silent witness to moments that have defined horse racing.

Chapter 5: Legends of Arlington Park

Many notable personalities have graced the Arlington Park Race Track, both humans and horses. The track has been graced by racing legends like Bill Hartack and Eddie Arcaro, and equine prodigies like Citation and Secretariat. Their exploits have added to the richly woven tapestry of Arlington Park’s history.

Chapter 6: Unwavering Popularity

Through its existence, the Arlington Park Race Track has had a steady following among racing enthusiasts. Its reputation as a preferred venue for top-tier racing has ensured consistent footfall, contributing to the robust culture of horse racing in the United States.

Chapter 7: Sweeping Facilities

Apart from the track itself, Arlington Park Race Track boasts impressive facilities, including grandstands, betting booths, delectable restaurants, and VIP suites, all contributing to a well-rounded visitor experience.

Chapter 8: Impact on Local Economy

The track’s popularity has made it a cornerstone of the local economy. The continuous influx of visitors stimulates businesses in the vicinity, prompting economic development.


At Arlington Park Race Track, the echo of thundering hooves has left an indelible mark on the landscape of horse racing. It is a place where champions are born and where legends are made. It is a testament to the resilience and enduring love for the “Sport of Kings,” exemplifying the spirit of America’s horse racing ethos.

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