Standing Abs Workout for Beginners: Your Comprehensive Guide To Core Strength

Introduction: Why starting with Standing Abs Workout?

The fitness world brims with diverse approaches to achieve abdominal strength and definition. Among these, a standing abs workout for beginners emerges as a remarkable routine, especially for those at the dawn of their workout journey. Whereas the conventional crunches and sit-ups are still valid, standing abs workouts take the cake for their efficiency and elevated levels of engagement.

Part 1: Exploring the Benefits of Standing Abs Workouts

Standing abs workouts offer a buffet of benefits worth exploring.

  1. Full Body Engagement: Unlike other workouts, standing abs exercises engage the entire body.

  2. Burns More Calories: Since a larger group of muscles is involved, these routines facilitate a higher calorie burn.

  3. Improves Balance and Posture: The kinetic chain is significantly challenged during standing workouts which in turn enhances balance and posture.

  4. Relieves Back Pain: Lastly, they are less strenuous to the back.

Part 2: Getting Started with Your Standing Abs Workout

Before you delve into the workout routine, ensure that you sufficiently warm up. Always maintain good form during all exercises to reap optimal benefits and reduce the risk of any injuries.

Exercise 1: Standing Bicycle Crunch

The Standing Bicycle Crunch targets the obliques in addition to the upper and lower abdominals.

How to perform: Stand upright with hands positioned behind your head. Proceed to lift your right leg while simultaneously contracting your abs to bring your left elbow to your right knee. Alternate the movement with your other leg and elbow.

Exercise 2: High Knee Chop

The High Knee Chop primarily focuses on the obliques while incorporating the shoulders and legs into the mix.

How to perform: Stand straight and extend your arms overhead to your left. Brace your core and draw hands down while elevating your right knee towards your elbows.

Part 3: Extending Your Routine

Intensify your routine with the introduction of weights or increasing the rate at which you perform the exercises.

  1. Standing Oblique Crunch with Dumbbell: Implementing a dumbbell increases the resistance level making your core work harder.

  2. Speed Up Your Routine: Performing the same routines at a faster pace pushes your body to work harder, leading to increased strength and endurance.

Conclusion: Progressing with Your Abs Workout Journey

Embarking on a standing abs workout for beginners journey is a strategic approach to scoring that coveted core strength and definition. Standing workouts are a gentle yet effective doorway to fitness, gradually progressing you to advanced levels as you further your journey. Make every move count by prioritizing quality over quantity.

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