The Ultimate Guide to Crushing the 21 15 9 WOD: Elevate Your CrossFit Performance


As a community of fitness enthusiasts, we are familiar with the infamous 21 15 9 WOD in CrossFit. The simplicity of this WOD contradicts its grueling nature and inherent difficulty.

Understanding the 21 15 9 WOD

The 21 15 9 WOD is a benchmark workout formula in CrossFit. It stipulates three rounds of exercises, commencing with 21 repetitions, then 15, and finally 9. The crucial aspect of this WOD is to complete the specified exercises as quickly as possible.

The Science behind 21 15 9 WOD

At its core, the 21 15 9 WOD explores the intersections of strength, power, and cardiovascular efficiency. It is designed to push your body to its limits, highlighting the principles of high-intensity interval training.

Popular 21 15 9 Workouts


Arguably the most notorious 21, 15, 9 workout is Fran – a combination of thrusters and pull-ups. This workout pushes athletes to the forefront of their abilities, dynamically testing both muscular endurance and cardiovascular efficiency.


Coming in at a close second is Diane, a test of deadlifts and handstand push-ups. This WOD favours those athletes with robust upper body strength and immaculate form in handstand push-ups.

Prepping for 21 15 9 WOD

Effective preparation for the 21 15 9 WOD begins days before the workout. We strongly advise paying close attention to nutrition, rest and skill practice.


A balanced and well-timed meal structure would provide the necessary energy for your body to perform at its best.


Ample rest is crucial to ensure your body is recuperated and adequately prepared for the high-intensity nature of the workout.

Skill Practice

Regular skill practice is an essential precursor for success in the 21 15 9 WOD workouts. Honing your technique will significantly impact your overall performance.

Techniques and Strategies for 21 15 9 WOD

It is common for athletes to strategy to tackle the 21 15 9 WOD. We recommend pacing yourself in the sets of 21 and 15, ensuring you maintain good form, and then give it all in the set of 9.

Safety in 21 15 9 WOD

While chasing personal bests is the essence of CrossFit, it is key to remember to prioritize safety. The high-intensity nature of the 21 15 9 WOD can sometimes lead to overlooked safety measures.


The 21 15 9 WOD is not just numbers on a whiteboard. It is a testament to an athlete’s will, ambition and character. By implementing adequate preparation strategies and keeping a positive mindset, you too can conquer this infamous workout.

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