Top 6 Volleyball Beaches: Your Ultimate Global Tour


Top volleyball beaches form an inherent part of the dream beach getaway, casting a magical charm with the energetic play under the vast blue sky. The sight of a volleyball net stretching across the golden sands does more than dividing the beach into a fierce playground; it ushers an exhilarating vibe of festivity and bonding. This review sails you through the finest volleyball beaches spanning across the globe.

1. Manhattan Beach in California

Any volleyball beach tour would be incomplete without mentioning Manhattan Beach, essentially the birthplace of beach volleyball. Graced with The Manhattan Beach Open tournament every year, the beach showcases numerous nets, welcoming both amateur and pro players. Its sandy bottom and promising wave breaks make it a hotspot for volleyball aficionados and surfers alike.

2. Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, characterized by its pristine blue waters and sandy shores, welcomes not just surfers and sun-lovers but also beach volleyball fanatics. The beach is always set with several volleyball nets for friendly face-offs as well as serious team plays. The tropical locale further enhances the allure of a volleyball game in this idyllic paradise.

3. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Though Brazil is celebrated for its elite soccer players, its beach volleyball scene is equally vivacious. Copacabana Beach, always prepared with volleyball nets, is a volleyball lover’s delight. The sport is as integral to the local culture as the Carnaval, making it a unique cultural experience.

4. Bondi Beach in Sydney

Australia’s renowned Bondi Beach is a buffet of natural scenery and beachside wholesomeness. It is also a hub to a fervent beach volleyball community. With well-kept volleyball nets staged against the surf, it delivers an authentic Australian experience.

Top volleyball beaches

5. Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach, beyond its stature in Brazilian culture and breathtaking aesthetics, fosters a dynamic beach volleyball scene. With nets cast across the beach, it invites people of all skills to join the exciting outdoor sport, striking an ideal harmony between activity and relaxation.

6. Ocean Park Beach, Puerto Rico

Appreciated for its serene beauty, Ocean Park Beach ranks amongst Puerto Rico’s best. It doubles the charm with an animated beach volleyball scene, where nets await chance encounters for impromptu showdowns.

Wrapping It Up

Concluding our tour of the world’s best volleyball beaches, it is evident that the ideal beach experience is not restricted to soaking in the sun or taking a dip in the sea. Whether seasoned or an amateur, or someone in search of fun, these beaches present the perfect platform to engage in exhilarating beach volleyball. The ubiquitous volleyball nets, against the backdrop of these gorgeous beaches, are much more than a setting; they embody the spirit of summer.

So gear up with your sunscreens, beachwear, sporty sneakers, and most importantly, the competitive spirit as you embark on this tour of the best volleyball beaches globally. Each holds a unique charm and who knows, one might turn out to be your new favorite. Every serve, spike, and point will be a treasured memory from your holiday.

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